Trieri is a design studio specialised in handmade innovative steering wheels. Their production process is unique by combining two well known technologies. Unlike current steering wheels made out of metal sheets, Trieri is made out of pipes. Pre-models are cut out of pipe with 3d laser cutting technology and then bent on a specially designed hydraulic press. The result is distinctive shape with refined line transitions from the rim through spokes to the core and back.


Inspiration for the shape we developed comes from the nature. By watching plants and animals around us we look at the beauty of them at the exact moment, but we are to busy to see the process of them evolving . We wanted to translate that beauty into an industrial product that reflects both aesthetics and symbolism. Trieri pre-model opens out the spokes under pressure just like a butterfly opens its wings. It remind us to think about the value of the beauty around us and where did it came from.


Trieri design is a result of synthesis of curiosity and creativity of an author. As he is stubborn upon what he determines to realise, he uses all of his imagination to make it happen, even if by that it means developing a completely new production process such as in this case. This is a great example of how design can push technology forward and how technology can offer new design when knowledge of several professions work together.


Behind Trieri design company stands Luka Jelaska. An award winning product, transportation designer and innovator was born in Zagreb, Croatia. He finished School for applied arts and crafts in Zagreb on interior architecture section. Later on, Luka got Master degree on Faculty of Architecture, School of design on product design section. He worked with several different companies as freelance designer and in few major croatian companies as part timer. He got his most important projects while working in a prototype company in Sveta Nedelja where his design for multipurpose vehicle for Dok-ing, and several designs for Diavelo bicycles won several awards on the worlds most important fairs in the electric mobility market. SolidWorks as a 3d modeling tool, combined with experience in production processes are Luka’s recipee for great knowledge on technology and/or material based designs making the further development process much faster than it usually is. Trieri is a result of Luka’s long term goals, and years of development an innovative and unique product that market was striving for.